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In 1993 Sierra Productions produced an audio book version of the short stories from John Steinbeck’s, “The Long Valley”. While an audio book of this classic collection of short stories is not unusual, this adaptation is exceedingly rare in that the stories are read by the author’s only living son, Thomas Steinbeck.

Not long after a limited release of the first set of stories, both the CDs and the masters were lost for more than 15 years. They were recently discovered in a storage unit in northern California, were returned and these rare recordings are now available in limited quantities for your listening pleasure.

The first CD includes one of John Steinbeck’s most challenging stories entitled “Flight”. The sensitive critique of modern society’s lack of warmth and openness in “The Breakfast”, as well as the disconcerting and racist laced story of “The Vigilante” present you with timeless Steinbeck, where he questions humanity and the social order. When Thomas tells the quirky tale of “Saint Katy the Virgin” it is told with the humor he channels through his father, in a voice so familiar, you can close your eyes and believe that John Steinbeck is reading the stories just for you.

“The Long Valley” is available only while this very limited inventory lasts.

Contents of “The Long Valley” Include:

1. Flight (40:19) 2. Breakfast (6:12) 3. Saint Katy the Virgin (17:37) 4. The Vigilante (14:41) Performed by Thomas Steinbeck.


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